Oct 14

Why FireFox is Blocked

Why FireFox is Blocked
Let the ranting begin.

Part of me feels like hey … you deserve to fast forward through the commercials.

The other part of me feels like this is just unfair. I don’t block ads. I figure hey let em get there .0001 cents for my page view. I don’t click on ads, I just don’t. Unless I thought it wasn’t an ad by accident.

I don’t really think it’s fair to band everyone using a specific browser.

I will admit I block flash. The reason is flash has had some security issues, and some sites play music/video automatically, as well as various press “w” for whatever ads.

If you want to block me because I block flash ads then so be it, enjoy loosing your page view from me. After all in my opinion it’s my choice whether I open the door for a salesman at home, why shouldn’t it be that way for my computer?

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