Jan 31 2010

Dynamics of Fear

Category: CreepyPastaerm @ 11:06 pm

Call me crazy if you want, perhaps I am.  Perhaps I’m not because I question my own sanity, but perhaps questioning the questioning makes you crazy.
I like to go to creepypasta.com and read all the stories in the middle of the night.

When you read a lot of creepypasta you begin to discover the dynamics of fear.  What makes you scared, what snaps you back,  what makes you laugh, and what makes it worse. You also discover how something that’s really scary can be turned into nothing due to bad writing.  Hopefully this will not turn into one of those.

The best time to read the pasta is between 3am-5am when all the psychic static is low.  According to a Jewish acquaintance of mine it’s also the best time to read the Tora (first 4 books of the Bible.) It’s also the best time to code.

Maybe it’s because all the angels whispering in people’s ears are taking breaks from their usual ward.  After all they are asleep.  Nothing is going to happen to them.

So the angels will wander the neighbourhood looking for people who are awake, and whisper something in their ears.  Sometimes the angels loose track of time, watching what awake people are doing.  After all their ward is just laying in bed no need to guard them now.

This is where your nightmares come from.  You know the one with the shadow man standing over you.  You can’t move, you can’t scream, you wake up in your dream only to discover you’re in a dream.   Apparently your angel was taking an extended break watching the hacker down the street.  It’s also the reason why you feel like something is standing over your shoulder right now because all the angels are staying with their wards tonight.