Sep 12 2012

python command line bandwidth monitor

Category: pythonerm @ 8:20 pm

In a previous post I wrote a bandwidth monitory in php. It was running about 300k (on my laptop it was < 100k), and figured it was time to test out my python foo. This version also displays a line similar to this at the top of your terminal window: eth0:RX:600b TX:944b Av:77b eth2:RX:0b TX:0b Av:0b

Usage is simple:
$ ./ & htop
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Sep 07 2012

python, pygtk crumblist

Category: pygtk,pythonerm @ 10:13 am

I needed a hbox that would automatically take children widgets from one row and put it into another row depending on the width of the widget. This is similar to how html elements are handled on a web page.

The desired result was to basically make a crumb/tag list with a close button that you could easily remove elements from.

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