Mar 31 2007

Javascript Regex

Category: Makes you think ...erm @ 4:34 am

When do you decide you’re a geek?

Is it when you actually look at something like this and decide … man I need that.

Mar 25 2007

It’s hard to belive

Category: Insanity,Makes you think ...erm @ 12:41 am

It’s really hard to believe that anyone would dance like the guy at the keyboards and think it was even remotely cool. Makes you wonder how many people doing things right now that they think is cool makes them look like the biggest dorks known to man.

The music isn’t half bad … it could be reproduced into something decent.

Mar 22 2007

E-042 Windows Vista – Broken by Design

Category: Things That Get Me Maderm @ 6:37 am

A Windows Vista computer is completely unsuitable for any critical application because it can be degraded and/or disabled by any number of events, deliberately by Microsoft, by malicious software, or even by power fluctuations and similar events.

E-042 Windows Vista – Broken by Design

Mar 22 2007

E-043 Vista – Arrogance & Stupidity

Are you thinking about upgrading to Vista?

E-043 Vista – Arrogance & Stupidity
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Mar 17 2007

Rantings of a pissed off smoker

Category: Things That Get Me Mad,Your Rights - Dwindlingerm @ 2:43 am

Man it totally pisses me off …
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