Nov 23 2006


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I suppose I’ve had the service long enough I should blog something about it.

I’ve been running vonage as my main phone service for about a year now.

The main reason I got it was because I wanted unlimited long distance, and didn’t want to pay a crap load of money to get it.

The reliability has been just as good as a cell phone. Sometimes there’s service, sometimes there is not 🙂

The times there is no service has almost always been because of something on my end … like my internet was down 🙂 Other than that the sound quality is just as good as a phone, and when I don’t have a crap load of bandwidth being used by the .com I notice no difference. Since everything is hooked up so the voip gets priority I can still be using the internet with very little difference.

For $25 a month it’s not that bad of a deal. Recently I started paying taxes on the line, and I don’t notice a difference.

I don’t really get that many phone calls, but when I do call I don’t even thing about the fact that I’m calling thru the internet any more. It’s only when my internet connection is down that I have any inconvenience at all.

Of course having an out of state phone number isn’t really cool, and if I switched to an in state area code, it would still be long distance when people call me. So for now I’ll just keep my phone number, and wait for a local number.


Nov 07 2006 » Blog Archive » City Council Members – Smoking Band

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Today is the day for me to get back at those non-smoking fascist pigs. » Blog Archive » City Council Members – Smoking Band
I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, but I will tell you who voted the smoking band into effect here in Cheyenne Wyoming for Laramie County.

They Voted NO to the band
Tom Segrave
Brent Beeman

They Voted Yes
Pete Laybourn
Judy Case
Jimmy Valdez
Joseph “Joe” Bonds
Patrick Collins
Don Pierson

Nov 06 2006

IGN: Linux for PlayStation 3 Officially Announced

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IGN: Linux for PlayStation 3 Officially Announced

I’m a linux fan. I’ve been using it as my main os for over 3 years now. This is SO cool. If I get a PS3 this means *I could program* things for it.

Truth is just being able to change songs on the server *while* I’m playing a game would be nice. Who knows. Since it would be running linux I wonder if ALT-F1 would be available. Who knows at any rate It’s good news for a PS and a linux fan.

Nov 05 2006

The Smokers Club, Inc. – Heart Attack Hospital Admissions

Smoking bans really piss me off. Mostly because the information used to pass these laws are falsified. The other reason is it takes group of people who are ‘ok’ and makes them criminals.

The Smokers Club, Inc. – Heart Attack Hospital Admissions

Nov 03 2006

Final Fantasy XII (12)

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