Oct 05 2009

Congressman Mike Rogers’ opening statement on Health Care reform in Washington D.C.

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Aug 26 2009

YouTube – Tim Hawkins – The Government Can

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YouTube – Tim Hawkins – The Government Can

May 31 2009

Door to door salesman

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Yesterday a door to door salesman came to my door.

Now usually I’m ok with these people. I’ll listen to their pitch, and then decide what to do next, today was a different story.

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Feb 02 2009

Bush Grabs New Power for FBI – old news new twist

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Bush Grabs New Power for FBI

I know this is old news.  However I have to ask myself, what’s stopping a scam artist from using this?

It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard for someone to walk into a bank, request your information, and walk out.  Or worse call them up, request the information, and have it faxed/emailed to them.  Personally I think the email part would be more difficult because you couldn’t exactly tell them to send it to your gmail account.  But a fax number is easy enough.

I believe the law also makes it illegal for you to talk to anyone about it.  You know family, friends, co-works, police, media etc.  So you’d never know about it.

It’s the pefect  law that was ment to help “the good guys” that can easily be exploited by anyone with enough balls to try and pull it off, and after that they’ve got all the information they need to withdraw all your funds, and have them wired to a swiss bank account.

Dec 27 2008

Technology takes a step backwards

What in the world is wrong with useful features being taken away from technology?

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Oct 30 2008

Go ahead answer yourself.

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People say it’s ok if you talk to youself, just as long as you don’t answer.

Guess what, you’re some sort of gimp that has no ablility to think for youself if you DON’T answer.

So screw them, answer away, and if you want, answer in a yoda voice.  I don’t care have fun with it.  Just keep in mind you’re giving yourself advice, and while you know all the angles from you viewpoint, you don’t know all the angles.

Talking to yourself, thinking to yourself, and answering yourself all seem perfetly normal things to me, but then again I’m CrAzY

Oct 30 2008

It’s tough to quit smoking

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It’s tough to quit smoking when you have multiple personality disorder, and you’re the only one that wants to quit.

Oct 30 2008

My imaginary psychiatrist tells me I’m completlely insane.

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My imaginary psychiatrist tells me I’m completlely insane.


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