Jan 25 2007


Category: Life Stories,Tech,Time travelerm @ 8:33 am

Do you wish you could just press ctrl+z in life some times?

I find myself wanting to just reach over and press ctrl+z all the time.
Here’s some examples.

  • Oops I dropped that ctrl+z, and it’s back in your hand.
  • Oops I deleted that ctrl+z, and it’s back on your drive.
  • Oops I worded that wrong ctrl+z, and the words were never spoken.

Unfortunately IRL – in real life – ctrl+z just doesn’t exist.
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Jan 24 2007

Please stop sending me spam

Listen spammers, I know you have my email. I know you’re out there. Here is one thing you don’t know.

I’ve never bought anything from an email. Ever. Out of tens of thousands of junk email I’ve never clicked on a link to purchase anything.

You’re just a waste of my time, and yours so please kindly remove my email from your list wherever you get it from. Seriously you’re just spinning your wheels. I have no plans on purchasing any RX at all. My penis is just fine the size it is – it’s small like a geo metro, but gets many miles per gallon. My love life is fine.

Thank you,


Jan 24 2007

I forgot what I was going to say.

Category: Insanity,Life Storieserm @ 2:24 pm

I was going to say something smart, I was going to say something keen.

I however have forgotten between here and there.

Jan 17 2007

When your life comes crashing down

Category: Insanity,Life Stories,Things That Get Me Maderm @ 9:40 am

It happens, people die, hard drives crash, files get erased.
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Jan 08 2007

Yet another rewrite of phpMUR

Category: Life Stories,phpMUR - What I'm doingerm @ 12:57 pm

Sometimes I swear I’m crazy for all the work I’ve done on phpMUR.

A couple of months ago I was working on mud.the-erm.com and discovered xajax and script.aculo.us.

From this xphpMUR was born.

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Jan 08 2007

My calendar class

After several hours of playing with php I think I’ve finally developed a stable calendar class.
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