Jan 29 2008

Real American Genius

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Real American Genius - We're all a a little special in our own way

Jan 11 2008

WakeUpVibes Blog: Mornings, Music, Coffee & Waking Up » Blog Archive » 21 Odd and Fun Facts About Music

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 WakeUpVibes Blog: Mornings, Music, Coffee & Waking Up » Blog Archive » 21 Odd and Fun Facts About Music
# Termites will eat wood two times faster when listening to heavy metal.

Fun useless facts.

Jan 11 2008

Feature: Download and Listen to Free Music on the Web

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Feature: Download and Listen to Free Music on the Web

It’s now easier to find that mp3 you’re looking for than ever before.

These kind of sites always make me wonder, are you committing copywrite infringement using them?

I mean you don’t know … it’s kinda like a guy handing out free stuff from the back of a van, and you don’t realize the van was stolen.

For all you know the artists want their music up.  music.the-erm.com/files clearly wants you to download the music.  I don’t mind sites having search results for that page, even streaming it.

So for all you know the owners of the music want you to download/listed/stream their music.

Jan 08 2008

Electoral Compass USA

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Electoral Compass USA

This is a *really cool* site.  It’s always tough figuring out who in the world should I vote for.  This great little tool will point you in the right direction.  Just answer a few questions, and find out who is closest to your position.

Jan 07 2008

Top 10 ways to increase traffic to your blog!

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  1. Make a top 10 list.
  2. The first 2 to 3 entries must have good advice. This is so when people scan your article who are trying to become “a top stumbler” can quickly click thumbs up because they found it to be mildly useful.
  3. Brag about stumble upon/google/digg/M$/social networks.
  4. Always mention stumble upon, because it rocks. NEVER EVER say stumble upon sucks, unless you’re poking fun at how you haven’t gotten anything done in the last year since you discovered it.
  5. Flake out about half way.
  6. Add something sorta ok here.
  7. Say something that might be relevant. For instance … use english, check spelling, use firefox for it’s spell checker.
  8. Add something else sorta ok here …. blog about Ron Paul, because he simply rocks, mention stumble upon traffic here as well.
  9. Say something is slightly more relevant for the scanning “I wanna be a top stumbler” crowd.
  10. Make the final point really good so people scanning just to get that thumbs up.

Now that you’re done realize that what you thought was a good idea wasn’t … one of those gee I thought this would be funny if things …. :/

Jan 07 2008

Waste some time, find out if you’re creative.

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I guess I’m 80% creative or something.


Want to be a x-ray technician?