Mar 06 2006

Western Waste

Category: Good Music,Local,Punk,Things that make me happyerm @ 10:03 am

Western Waste is a gritty punk band here in Cheyenne. I kinda like it… the music is produced well enough that it doesn’t make you puke, and think is just some dumb kid with a recorder in the middle of the room. In other words. I like it.

Feb 05 2006

And I was a small quadraped questing for solace u

Category: Good Music,Punk,Things that make me happyerm @ 6:09 am

Don’t let the name fool you, it’s pretty good.

This may be a situation where someone uploaded music that was not them. I think the second song is connor oberst – I’m probably spelling it wrong –
And I was a small quad raped