May 31 2009

Door to door salesman

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Yesterday a door to door salesman came to my door.

Now usually I’m ok with these people. I’ll listen to their pitch, and then decide what to do next, today was a different story.

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May 25 2009

Weird thing from stumble upon

Category: Things That Get Me Maderm @ 6:07 pm

I was doing my usual I’m board thing on stumble upon, surfing through various web pages, with the scripting turned off.

Then I reached this one, and it wanted to send me a file. No big deal why not … I’m protected I’m running linux. You have to chmod +x <filename> to make it executable, and the extension wasn’t .desktop.

So I opened it up with less:
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May 25 2009

Mural – Third Attempt – Ubuntu Graffiti

Category: Linuxerm @ 5:32 pm

Mural – Third Attempt

I honestly don’t know if I should be happy or sad about this.

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May 24 2009

Floss Weekly – 70 – Leo Laporte Thinks it’s “fantastic” and “Excellent” Christians were boiled in water, and apologizes Floss 71

Category: Things That Get Me Maderm @ 7:28 pm

Floss Weekly #70

I’ve lost all respect for Leo Laporte, and cancelled my monthly donation subscription.

Sound clip of Floss weekly.

Here’s the transcription.

Leo Laporte: What city are you in?
Ken Glimer: um, It’s a small town called She-ma Barrow, um it’s famous for uhhh during the uhh an earlier phase 2 or 3 hundred years ago they would uh dip uh Christians in boiling water to have them to renounce their faith. To make sure that the
Leo Laporte: Fantastic
Ken Glimer: Christianity didn’t take over in japan
Leo Laporte: Excellent, and did it? No
Ken Gilmer: it seems to have worked.
Leo Laporte: Well done.
Randal Schwartz: (Laughs)

I kinda take offence to this, because basically he’s saying that if I were to get boiled in water to renounce my faith in Christ it’s a fantastic practice.

Here is a link to the exact mp3 file I downloaded just in case Leo Edits the current version of Floss-70, and thus making it look like I edited the clip to make it say that.

The thing that bothers me the most, is if Ken would have said he lived in a town next to a concentration camp that killed thousands of Jews you know the reaction would have been different. The response would have been something like “that’s horrible.” However since it was Christians he seemed more than happy about it. Like he was saying “good for them” way to go team. We hate those Christians, they are substandard people. Let’s kill them all their death is just a big joke, and Randal Schwartz just laughs about it. I guess Leo & Randal hate Christians.

I’ve done my part, at least people will know.

Edit 2:
On floss 71 they apologized:

Leo:Before we get to that, and uh I do also want to mention the google summer of code, cause they are our sponsor, and we really thank google for helping the show out. I owe an apology to uhh, this actually came to me Gene Miller sent you an email, didn’t send it me one.I thank you for passing it along.
Randal: ummhmm
Leo: Uhh When we were talking to Ken Gilmer a couple of weeks ago, We were talking about the fact that he lived in A-she-ma-burrow in umm Japan famous for the place uhh that several centuries ago they dipped Christians in boiling water. I sarcastically said “fantastic.” I don’t think I said as if “that was a good thing.” However I certainly didn’t want to offend anybody, and I’m certainly not advocating that anybody get dipped in boiling water, least of all Christians. So uhh uhh Eugene made the very good point that you know that’s not a very nice thing to say, and that was not my intent. You know we were just fooling around. My mistake so I apologize for that.
Randal: I apologize too because I actually chuckled at your joke, so that makes me complicit here too. I apologize to anyone out there who was offended by my actions. I’m sorry.
Leo: Well I was a Chinese history major and remember very well the battles in the 19th century of China against western civilization, and of course the first assault was Christian missionaries who came to China as much to convert them to Christianity. As to colonize China, but that was the end result, so I had a little sympathy for the Japaneses who were fighting against that kind of invasion however, no one should be dipped in water, boiling or not.

I gotta admit it was a nice middle of the road apology. He even managed to get a vague reference to the Salem which huts. Ie “dipped in water boiling or not”

Sound clip of Floss weekly 71.

I just might renew my paypal monthly subscription … I might even double it. I do love the listening to the twit network.