Nov 09 2007

Smoking ban in wyoming.

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It all started simple enough in Laramie Wyoming, then Cheyenne Wyoming got hit with the smoking band.
This time I’m going down fighting.

You see last time they did all their wonderful polls & petitions below the radar, and most smokers probably thought … they are not going to pass it not in Cheyenne Wyoming. But they did. The problem is 2/3 of the population thought it was a good idea. Well to that I say it’s pretty easy to tell if a person is a smoker vs a non-smoker just by standing next to them.

It’s almost as easy to tell if a person is a smoker or not if they were white or black. You can easily tell the difference just by their scent. Shoot in some cases you can tell if a non-smoker lives with a smoker.

Well now it’s happening again. My rights are leaving out the door, and even if you’re a non-smoker who supports the idea of a smoking ban yours are leaving as well.

You see, when we start to legislate “good decisions” vs “bad decisions” then where do we stop?

When do we draw the line? It may not be a good decisions to have a child if you have ever been on drugs, because the child may come out with a birth defect, or addicted to whatever drug the mother was on. Does that mean we should have forced sterilization who has ever been caught with a bag of pot? A joint?

Well what about my right as a non-smoker to clean air?

My answer has 2 parts. You have the right to go to a non-smoking restaurant, and you give up that right the first time you turn on a light, go to the store, and buy pre-packaged food. Dirty air is something we are all guilty of, and until you can live in a paperless society, that doesn’t use coal energy, and recycles everything known to man. You give up that right.

We revel in pollution with our ipod, pvrs, computers, internet, and the list goes on, and on and on with all our wonderful time saving inventions.

I’d like to say I’m really sorry for anyone who has a child with asthma. My brother has asthma, and we almost lost him at one time. Oddly enough he was allergic to something in the vaccine he was given, which caused him to have his worst asthma attack – one that almost cost him his life.

I have kids, and I don’t smoke inside, weather permitting I go outside. Otherwise it’s in the garage.

I liked the world pre-smoking band. People had the choice to go to a non-smoking or a smoking restaurant. Now, with the smoking band smokers are treated like dogs, expected to “pee” outside.

“They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.” — Benjamin Franklin

That’s where we are at. It’s essential liberty for a business to decide if they want to allow smoking or not, and it’s the “security” of the general non-smoking public.

In the end we are all guilty of destroying the air, and to ostracise a section of society in the name of “public health” is just one more step to your freedom of speech, religion etc being taking away.

We’ve already given up habeas corpus, who really cares about your air.

Oct 26 2007

Court Strikes Down 2 Key Patriot Act Provisions on Threat Level

This is good news.
Court Strikes Down 2 Key Patriot Act Provisions on Threat Level