Mar 29 2006


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People ….
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Mar 28 2006

Waste of time

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Mar 27 2006

Finding drunks in a bar — what are the chances? – Yahoo! News

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Finding drunks in a bar — what are the chances? – Yahoo! News


Mar 14 2006

The Impact of Emerging Technologies: Brain-Healing Nanotechnology – Technology Review

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Brain-Healing Nanotechnology
A ground-breaking treatment could restore lost abilities to stroke victims and others.

Mar 13 2006

::uberGeek::Toons::Switch to Linux()

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I’ve read many reasons you should switch to linux.  This is by far the most thoughout and informative presentation I’ve ever seen on the matter.
:uberGeek::Toons::Switch to Linux()

Mar 12 2006

AdCritic Interactive

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AdCritic Interactive

Mar 12 2006

I Can’t Stop Thinking! #6

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I Can’t Stop Thinking! #6

Mar 11 2006


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Ass cast episode 33 is up.

The opinions expressed on ass cast do not necessarily represent erm,, or your mamma.

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