Feb 24 2007

Daylight Savings

Category: Insanity,Linux,Techerm @ 3:05 pm

Daylight savings … it’s been jacked up.

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Feb 24 2007

Windows, and their logos – Why vista will pop like a bubble.

Category: Tech,Things That Get Me Maderm @ 5:54 am

Windows has had some interesting logos in the past.

Windows98 … s backwards e and part of the 8 makes an x SEX
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Feb 19 2007

How to become a hacker

Category: Life Stories,Linux,Makes you think ...erm @ 9:53 pm

I was reading How to become a hacker

It brought back a few memories.
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Feb 18 2007

The most useful php functions EVER!

Category: php,Tutorialserm @ 6:56 pm

Many times when you’re writing a php script, you need to put things in arrays.

You might be thinking to yourself why doesn’t this section of code work?
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Feb 17 2007

How to harden Flash Media Player

Category: Insanity,Life Storieserm @ 8:43 am

Here is information on how to harden Flash Media Player

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Feb 03 2007

All the crap I’ve done

Category: Life Stories,Techerm @ 4:27 am

I’m not sure what this is … maybe it’s a brag post.
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