Sep 13 2007

9-11-2007- WHAT’S GOING ON?

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9-11-2007- WHAT’S GOING ON?


Sep 10 2007

erm – Google Search

Category: Things that make me happyerm @ 8:39 pm

erm – Google Search

Yippie it finally happened, after years of dealing with being on the second or third page when typing in “erm” on google I am now on the first page, the bottom, but the first page.

Sep 10 2007

Flash & Javascript

Category: phpMUR - What I'm doingerm @ 4:22 pm

I keep asking myself if it’s time for another recode.

The site works fine as is, once you click populate_playlist(), and then reverse_sync_playlist().

I can’t seem to find the winning combination to initialize the whole system, granted I haven’t really been working on it lately.

The problem is the javascript needs to sync the flash playlist with what’s displaying on the screen. This creates all sorts of problems.

One area I really need to do some work on is the cd creation system. It needs a complete overhaul. It works, just not very user friendly.


Sep 06 2007

Smoking for 93 years and celebrated 100 years’ birthday

Category: Makes you think ...erm @ 5:31 pm

Smoking for 93 years and celebrated 100 years’ birthday

Is it possible all the propaganda that the American heart/lung/ears/eyes/throat/medical Associations about cancer, and heart disease just doesn’t add up?

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Sep 04 2007


Category: Microsoft,Things That Get Me Maderm @ 3:20 pm

I hate it. Hate it hate it!
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