Dec 27 2012

php trash day script

Category: phperm @ 10:25 pm

Trash days on Monday suck.
I constantly forget to take out the trash on Saturday when there is a holiday on Monday. I dusted off the old trash-day-php script and installed it.

Installation is pretty simple.
Edit the script with the values you want.
place it in /etc/cron.daily/trash-day-php
chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/trash-day-php

cron doesn’t like . in filenames. Thats why I named the file trash-day-php not trash-day.php.

To test your email just run /etc/cron.daily/trash-day-php –test

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Dec 07 2012

enable/disable hibernate/suspend pygtk status icon

Category: pygtkerm @ 12:33 am

Every once in a while my machine runs stuff in the background, like backups, db dumps and whatnot. This obviously causes performance issues at times, but among other things I don’t want to shutdown during these processes.

So I created a simple status icon to warn me if one of those processes were executing so I wouldn’t shutdown the machine, and it also will disable hibernate/suspend.

I figure I’d share it with the world.

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