Dec 27

Technology takes a step backwards

What in the world is wrong with useful features being taken away from technology?

It seems like now a days you’re paying more for for “more” but getting jipped on other useful functions.

Let’s start with printing a page, back in the 80-90’s if you wanted to print a page you could enter the pages you wanted printed something like this.  1-4,8,10 into an input field, and pages 1 through 4, 8 and 10 would be printed.  Now a-days you’d have to print 1-4, then print page 8, then print page 10.  Ya sure there’s a print spool, but what was wrong with the old way?  Are people too stupid,  At least give me a list of all the pages in print preiview with a checkbox or something.  I don’t know … seems like we took a step back here.  You could save a lot of system resources in the end, of course your desktop computer is more powerful than a mainframe in the 80’s.

Why are new cars so expensive. and you loose simple the convenience of a keyhole on the door?  Does it cost that much money to add a keyhole to every door?  You’ve added power locks to everything.  I know I have a remote now, but what if the battery is dead in it, I have a broken ankle, I’m being chased by some psycho, and I can reach the passenger side in time, but not the driver side.  I’m raped, dismembered, and dead.  Some of these new cars cost more than a decent used modular home.  Or better yet, your assailant is on the other side of the car, you press “unlock” on your remote, and they are inside the car with you now.  Thanks for thinking about my safety automobile manufactures, so you can save some money.  I’ll be real happy I bought your vehicle as I’m being stabbed to death.

Now … enter the new tvs.  Ya you get a great 1080p picture.  However $30 for a HDMI cable is way too much, and I saw them for as much as $60 for a 6 ft cord.  This is a bunch of bs, but that’s not where it ends.  On my old tv that cost 1/3 the price of the new 42′ tv had a nice feature called closed captioning.  I like closed captioning, it helps my kids learn how to read, and I’m getting on in years it’s nice to read what I might have missed because the kids are screaming in the background.  My old tv would display closed captioning no matter what I put into the tv.  RCA, SVIDEO it all just sorta worked.  Now with this new tv that cost $1000 closed captioning only exists if you’re using “tv” as the source!  WTF IS UP WITH THAT? What kind of sick joke is this on deaf people?  Oh sure you can SEE a better picture, but you can’t follow a dang thing because there is no closed captioning.

I guess I should be thankful for my problems, it’s nice that we could afford this vanity item.  So many people on this planet have  much bigger problems, like eating, coming up with the house payment, however I am going to be calling the manufacturer of my tv, and letting them know how stupid I think they are for not including closed captioning on every possible input in their design.



After doing a little research, the problem isn’t just with my tv, it’s the whole HDMI spec!  HDMI doesn’t have any closed captioning.  So if you’re like me, and you opted to get one of those neat PVR recorders from your cable company, then hook up your HDMI out for the highest quality picture you’re not going to get closed captioning.  I’m thinking about getting a composite cord and testing that, however with the coax cable out, and then into the TV the picture is ugly in comparison

*Edit 2009-02-25*
I called up my cable company about an unrelated problem, and it turns out that my Motorola cable box has the ability to add captioning before it hits the hdmi cable. Kodos to Motorola for not dropping the ball on this one.

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