Mar 29 2006


Category: Insanity,Life Stories,Makes you think ...erm @ 1:37 am

People ….

People are all over Walmart. Oddly enough people I’ve seen before are at wal mart, and they are not in the blue uniforms.

There was this one guy who has been there at least 2 other times I was there.

I wonder if he’s thinking the same thing … man I know that dude was there the last time I went there. Is he following me or something?

I think next time I go there if he’s there I’ll just walk up to him and introduce myself. Hi I’m Erm, are you following me? You’ve been here the last 2 times.

I’d be more freaked out if the dude did the same thing. I’d be even more freaked out if he were writing a blog entry on it right now 😉

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