Nov 23 2006


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I suppose I’ve had the service long enough I should blog something about it.

I’ve been running vonage as my main phone service for about a year now.

The main reason I got it was because I wanted unlimited long distance, and didn’t want to pay a crap load of money to get it.

The reliability has been just as good as a cell phone. Sometimes there’s service, sometimes there is not 🙂

The times there is no service has almost always been because of something on my end … like my internet was down 🙂 Other than that the sound quality is just as good as a phone, and when I don’t have a crap load of bandwidth being used by the .com I notice no difference. Since everything is hooked up so the voip gets priority I can still be using the internet with very little difference.

For $25 a month it’s not that bad of a deal. Recently I started paying taxes on the line, and I don’t notice a difference.

I don’t really get that many phone calls, but when I do call I don’t even thing about the fact that I’m calling thru the internet any more. It’s only when my internet connection is down that I have any inconvenience at all.

Of course having an out of state phone number isn’t really cool, and if I switched to an in state area code, it would still be long distance when people call me. So for now I’ll just keep my phone number, and wait for a local number.


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