Feb 24 2007

Windows, and their logos – Why vista will pop like a bubble.

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Windows has had some interesting logos in the past.

Windows98 … s backwards e and part of the 8 makes an x SEX
Windows ME that’s pretty obvious, it’s all about me.
Windows XP a nice little smiley sticking it’s tongue out at you.

Now the latest one. A windows logo and a bubble. NICE … bubbles pop. Maybe windows knows that with all it’s borrowed from Mac, and BSD/Linux throughout the years that it’s about done.

Bubbles are these little fragile things that are there one second, and gone the next.

Maybe this is the version that wakes people up to the undeniable future. Bye Bye windows. Mac sure has done a great job at poking fun at windows, and it’s new security features. The major surgery …

Windows is actually the same it’s always been. I had a 1.8 ghz machine, and downgraded it to 98. XP just ran too slow on it, and my 450 mhz machine was doing things faster with 98 than XP on a 1.8 ghz. Then somewhere I switched to linux. I love linux. Never having to reboot is great.

So I’m guessing about the time Vista becomes useable on a $500 cheapo PC is about the time that they will introduce another bomb of an os.

5 years … 5 years for them to produce a new os. I’ve been through multiple linux distros since then. I’ve ran Mandrake/Mandriva from 9.1,9.2,2006 I’ve ran dapper,edgy kubuntu in that time as well.

In the end I wonder how much of a bust vista is going to be. It just doesn’t seem worth it. I would have bought a cheap $500 1.4 ghz laptop on the spot -if it didn’t have vista- I think in the end if I get a laptop I’m going to just install linux on it. Vista doesn’t seem worth the hassle.

All the reviews I’ve read state the same thing … they copied everything from mac, and you have to really upgrade a pc. The box is misleading if you have a 64-bit processor, you still have to buy another disk to get it to work on your machine.

That’s what I love about linux. Do a little research, download an iso, test run it -without installing it- install it, or try the next live cd.

All linux really needs is a commercial game to come out on it that just rocks, and we’ll get a lot of gamers to come over. But that’s not going to happen because 90% of your market just runs windows like sheep. You can’t go to the store and get a pc with linux installed by default. I’d venture to guess you can’t even sell machines with linux on them. Because everyone wants windows. So maybe the bubble won’t bust, but then again …

The os is too focused on *their* security. If you upgrade a hard drive, windows complains, and wants a cd/dvd, but if you don’t have a CD/DVD because you bought it from a pawn shop you’re screwed. At some point in time you have to be willing to deal with shrinkage. You have to stop terrorizing the innocents to keep the bad guys out. Sounds like I’m talking about airport security.

I’ve also heard XP won’t run bit torrent. MANY legitimate uses.

All the experts say the same thing, don’t go out and buy vista. If it’s an a Computer you bought that’s one thing, but in the end you’re only setting yourself up for a world of hurt. Things that used to “just work” won’t.

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