May 25 2009

Mural – Third Attempt – Ubuntu Graffiti

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Mural – Third Attempt

I honestly don’t know if I should be happy or sad about this.

On one hand it’s pretty cool. They are getting the word out about ubuntu linux. On the other this kinda bothers me.

M$ pays for their advertisements, they invest in their product. They pay for the billboards, tv ads, and are rewarded with the mindshare.

A city council member will drive by that, and think to themselves that people who use linux are just a bunch of criminals that don’t care about society. They will look at the logo as a bill to the taxpayers to get it covered up. This will probably turn them off, and if anyone even suggest running ubuntu linux on city computers, they will probably vote it down because they don’t want to encourage the graffiti problem. M$ will use this video as evidence that choosing linux also means you’re choosing graffiti.

A business owner that pays more taxes than you is going to be angry about it as well. Because they are going to pay for it to be painted over. Next time someone mentions ubuntu, they are more than likely going to mention that they don’t want to support vandalism.

My main point is linux has enough problems getting adopted that you don’t need to add yet another possible roadblock to the list.

If it’s your wall paint whatever you want on it. You as a property owner have every right to put whatever you want your walls. Put a bumper sticker on your car, put an iron on of the logo on your jacket, shoot paint a logo on your car. I don’t care.

Please don’t turn off other potential linux users.

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