Feb 23 2006

Porn, children, and the internet

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Why is it when you tell people your 2 1/2 yr old is surfing the net I get a weird response?

Letting your child loose on the net alone is a lot like letting them loose in the middle of downtown New York alone. – I stole this from who I don’t know 🙂 It’s just something you don’t do.

Why is it the first response is usually something like so you letting them surf for porn? Nope I’m not. I run linux. I actually know how to set up bookmarks that are big enough, and have it log on with a specific account.

It pleases me greatly to see him running a computer at such an early age. The computer is a great tool for education. Fear of the internet is a lot like fear of a swing set. It’s only dangerous if you’re doing stupid things with it.

Here’s how I have it set up. #1. I have an account that automatically logs on for him. #2. I have big icons in Konqueror that represent the sites he likes to visit. Like Telletubbies, Boobah, and Journey to Earny. pbskids.org to my knowledge doesn’t have any links outside the site, and if there are any it’s pretty hard to find.

The good news is he’s learning how to run the mouse, and this does wonders for his motor skills. He’s pretty good at dragging and dropping the bunnies, and he’s also learning about features like fill in a paint program. It’s by no means as good as a coloring book, and cryans. I however enjoy not having to worry about his sister eating any crayons.

The bad news about this is, it’s stepped up my desire to install Dan’s Guardian. It won’t be long until he starts learning letters, and how to read. Then … all he’s going to need to do is go to Ask Jeeves and type in the ultimate question. “Where do babies come from?”

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