May 08 2006 – Warner Music in trouble – Warner Music in trouble

I personally don’t get it. I don’t download movies … to me it’s just a waste of time. I go down to the local hollywood video and rent it. The only catch is I pay $30 a month, and can have 3 videos out at a time with no late fees. So maybe that’s where they are loosing their money.

I don’t make movies, so I can’t say they should be free. I do write music, and if you don’t give it away you won’t make any money. You might think I’m off on this one, but think about it. People hear the music on the radio, and buy it. It’s free …

People get paid royalties from music on the radio.

I don’t see people getting paid as much with p2p. A $1 song might give the artist .?? cents. I can’t give you an honest answer on this one. I remember reading that it was less than a dime of royalties going towards these artists. I would also like to know who gets the $30 million from the recent BearShare settlement.

I’m going to bet that the artists get less than 1% of that.

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  1. wil says:

    Interesting note ERM, and what do they get when you’re downloading them from Russia ( for $.10 a song? And the RIAA is ok with it, so the artist is probably making the same amount as the $1.00 iTunes song.

    Less than a dime? You do the math.
    Somewhere someone’s getting the gravy.

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