Jul 04 2006

BBC NEWS | Health | Babies need ‘tummy time’ to develop

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What’s going on with this whole baby sleeping on the stomach is bad?

Ever 5 years or so the ‘official’ version changes. 1 year it’ll be don’t let your baby sleep on their stomach. The next don’t let them sleep on their back. They could die in their sleep. I’m guessing most SIDS – Sudden Infinant Death Syntrom – are caused by an overstressed parent blacking out and killing their kid due to post pardom depression … or just plain lack of sleep because of the never ending crying.

The main thing is … let your baby sleep. You child needs sleep. You need the quite.

There are so many “do’s” and “don’t” fads out their about rasing your kid. YA you heard me right FADS! Just like dieting “how to raise your kid” has a new fad out every year.

Do this and your child will be creative. Do this and your child will be intelligent. How about this … let your child grow.

I’ve got a great fad for you. I call it the redneck version of reading to your children. Turn on closed captioning to your tv so they can read what they are saying. There are 2 reasons you should do this #1. it might just help the kids learn how to read. #2. You can actually watch your tv show even if the kids are screaming at full volume 😉

I’m not an expert. I’ve never read a book on “child rearing.” Mostly because of all the “mind fuck” books out there. Or how to manipulate your child into doing what you want them to do.

I probably do everything wrong according to the experts.

I think the main things are love them, feed them, and teach them.

Anyways have fun reading about the latest child development fad here.
Babies need ‘tummy time’ to develop

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