Sep 27 2005

EFF: DeepLinks

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People just don’t get it. It’s not just about copywrite, it’s about control. These companies have been in control of what we watch, what we think, what we buy so long that they even want to make sure if we hit that record button to record a TV show we can’t do it, something that used to be as easy and legal as hitting record, is now a pay us per view situation. I’m already paying around $50 a month for cable, and dang it I can’t be awake 24-7 to catch that show I love. So I record it. Perfectly legitimate reason. I used to be able to take that tape I recorded, and a year later watch it again.

Assume I want to record telletubbies for my 2 yr old? Can’t any more. It’ll be blocked by something like macrovision, and then deleted whenever the expire date comes along. Or -worse- I’ll have to pay an additional $1 or whatever to watch it again. Even tho I’m not using any of their equipment just their content, content that *now a days* it’s legal to record, and timeshift even if it’s a year or 2 down the road.

Call, or write your congressman/woman. This is serous stuff.

EFF: DeepLinks

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