Aug 19 2006

Smokers – It’s time to bitch

I smoke.

I’m not proud of it, I tired to quit, and I couldn’t.

I’m enraged by a recent law passed in Cheyenne.

You’re no longer allowed to smoke within 10 ft of any public bulding. You can drive your SUV up to the same buliding that produces more polutants inside of 60 seconds than I will in 10 minutes tho.

You can drive your SUV with no tickets.

If you smoke you can’t.

You’re now an outcast to society. WHO VOTED FOR THIS?!

Faciist non-smoking pigs.

You can’t really explain to a non-smoker that people are still going to die. It’s like talking to a brick wall. Non smokers just don’t get it. They don’t get what it’s like to be pushed outside to like a dog. Forced to bare the elements. If it’s 100 degrees, or -20 degrees.

You are now a dog smoker. You are now someone that the non-smokers look down on as weak. Even their non-smoking propaganda points to you and calls you weak.

I think it should be the right of the buisness as to allow smoking or not smoking. I think that clubs like the Anchor Club – An AA club – should be allowed smoking or non smoking.

It should be up to the oranization to allow/disallow smoking. NOT YOU CITY COUNCIL.

Consider this, society cares less about you cheating on your spouse.

Sure there are laws that say you’re not supposed to have sex with other people outside of marrige, but are there any laws against it?? Do you get fined for it?

Do you get fined for spreading a disease if you leave the bar without your spouse? NO!

I’m going to make a prediction. In the next 10 years more people are going to die from STDs than smoking.


Well mostly because smokers will no longer be able to smoke. So the’ll take up another addiction.

Sex addiction.

Seriously, someone you know has an affiar, and you’re a non-smoker. It’s 5 second thought … ooo that was bad.

But if you’re a non-smoker, and you sit 10 feet way from someone like me you get this scoul on your face from the stench. You’re bitching about it for a week.

Why can’t we be allowed to be humans? Why must we be treated like dogs? Why must we be treated like we’re less than human?

It hurts. It hurts really bad.

Pollution is everywhere. People die. Get used to it.

Why not allow smoking rooms at least? Why not give the buisness the opportunity to cater to their smoking customers.

Why are we such a thret?


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