Aug 24

Smoking band in Cheyenne

I’m really mad at City Council Members Pete Laybourn, Judy Case, Jimmy Valdez, Joseph “Joe” Bonds, Patrick Collinsm, Don Pierson and Mayor Jack Spiker.

I think that it should be a businesses right to allow or disallow smoking.

It makes me feel like a second class citizen to be forced to go outside to smoke.

If the business itself decides they don’t want smoking I’m ok with that. It’s their business. I can decide to, or not to go there because I smoke, and I if want to support only businesses that cater to smoking patrons.

If you’re a non-smoker there are businesses out there as well. Perkins, Applebees, and Primos all were non-smoking before the band. I went to all of them, and respected their wishes without a gripe.

When city hall steps in, and says we’re going to put a band on smoking all together that makes me mad.

What’s next? You can’t go into a restaurant if you’re sick? Imagine what this would do to people with aids? You’re more likely to catch a cold from a restaurant than to suffer from long term effects of second hand smoke. The argument is still valid. I don’t want them to pollute my air.

Well for me it’s going around and passing out as many of these as I can.

No Smoking Sucks

I’ve ordered 500 of these, and I’m going to every business I can think of, and asking them to put it up. At least then smokers will know that this place didn’t hate their business, and politicians will know that it’s not a good idea to take away businesses rights.

Please help me. Print it out, take it to your favorite used-to-be-smoking restaurant, and let’s see if we can’t get some of our rights back.

If you’re in Cheyenne, and want to help me pass these out you can email me.

I can’t do this alone.

It took a couple thousand signatures of people who lived in the city of Cheyenne. This is bad news because I would venture to guess that would have tipped the scales to the smoker’s favor. I’ve heard that they threw out any non-registered voters, and people that lived in the county. So in my mind it’s clearly a non-smoking conspiracy. If the people who live on the ‘south side’ of Cheyenne are good enough to pay the sales tax on their purchase, their opinion should matter as well. So get yourself registered!! Vote on November 7th. Here’s how the city council voted.

I forgot to ask how Mayor Jack Spiker voted about the issue, but I know he’s a non-smoker, so I’m guessing if a vote was involved on his part it was for the band.

If you live in the county you can still help, by going to your favorite restaurant/bar inside the city limits, and asking them to put up a non-smoking sign like the one above. If enough people get involved we could get this law reversed.

If anyone wants to organize a ‘march on city hall.’ I’m all for it. Let me know.

For the record when I say ‘march’ I am in no way referring to a militant march. Just a simple protest that we’re lucky enough to have here in America. If we could get 1000 smokers/non-smokers that would really make them think.

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