Dec 03 2006

IE7 Why you shouldn’t install it.

  1. It breaks a LOT of programs that rely on ie6.
  2. It doesn’t work

I spent quite a few hours trying to fix my parents computer tonight …

It was a frustrating experience. My mom couldn’t get a program to work that was a daily part of her life, and on top of that IE 7 wouldn’t surf *anywhere* not google, not windows update, not my site, shoot I couldn’t even get the dang thing to connect to my router.

Needless to say Firefox was connecting just fine.

I don’t know why IE7 is such an improvement. They moved the buttons around so even someone who was used to running a browser had to look for the “stop” button.

I wasn’t impressed. If this is the best “commercial software” has to offer…

It regenerated my hating of M$, and all commercial software. I rebooted that dang thing more times in 1 night than reboot linux in a month.

Why is it that every freaking piece of hardware you buy wants to install something that runs in the background all the time? Or some sort of custom update software?

Maybe it’s just me, but this seems like a waste of resources.

Maybe windows should write a good update manager like Adept .. oh wait that’s right commercial software doesn’t like to share. “It’s my code.”

I wasn’t impressed with IE7 mostly because it broke a lot of applications that relied on various ie6 components. So for now I recommend not running it. Something like that should be backwards compatible for a year or so.

There were tons of programs running in the background when it started up, running their little commercial “phone home” programs. Sucking up the CPU.

The more I use linux, the more I realize the people who design programs for it must really think about what they are doing.

It’s easy enough to enable/disable things at start up. Shoot you don’t even need to run a gui if you don’t want to. This is a bonus in my opinion.

I don’t know … just seems like corporate america is more more interested in spying on you than actually designing quality software.

My biggest gripe with linux is I can’t monitor my cpu temp. — sensord doesn’t support my computer yet.

Part of me wishes that corporate america would take a vested interest in developing for linux. The other part of me thinks … naaa a kodak driver would expect to run as root, phone home, and be general pain. Besides I have an SD card, and an SD card drive … so no need to hook up the camera.

Oh well enough ranting.

In the end I uninstalled IE7.

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