Dec 23 2006

I miss audiogalaxy.

As I was testing my Login Framework

I decided to make a messaging system as an example of how you could extend the class with your own objects.

So I went somewhere inside my mind I hadn’t been in a while. A long while.

I remembered back in the day when I used to hang out on Audio Galaxy.

For those of you Audio Galaxy is going to be one of those ‘wild west’ internet type stories. For you to tell your grand children. When the internet was free … why we used to …

Go to this great site called Audiogalaxy where you could create groups and people could send you songs they liked, and visa versa.

It had a pretty good messaging system for a site. If someone IMed you a message would pop up until you pressed next, or reply. Pretty simple yet really useful.

It wasn’t that much work creating a messaging class for my auth system that would behave like audio galaxy. It was however very depressing to think back to a time when I was in a group of music lovers who shared their music with each other. With no fear of being sued. No fear of going to jail.

Now if you connect to any music sharing service you’re terrified of a letter, a man in a suit, and your hard earned money going down the drain. So you don’t. Even tho your chances of getting sued by the riaa are about as good as you winning the lottery.

I’ve heard you can’t get sued for getting music off those things, but you can for sharing. I’m not sure about it. I just don’t par take.

Oh well … Maybe some day a good program like audiogalax will come out without DRM – I’ve never used rapsody for teh record –

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