Jan 08 2007

Yet another rewrite of phpMUR

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Sometimes I swear I’m crazy for all the work I’ve done on phpMUR.

A couple of months ago I was working on mud.the-erm.com and discovered xajax and script.aculo.us.

From this xphpMUR was born.

I don’t know somewhere along the line I realized that you could stream via http any mp3 file. I played around with it, and the user could set up their own playlist, and who was listening on a very simple version.

It was just a basic concept of the idea, and I could easily code it in, but I wasn’t completely happy with the idea. Part of the problem is getting the lag fixed. I could press next, and it would be 30 seconds or longer until ‘next’ would take place. With ices the lag wasn’t so great.

So I don’t know … maybe one day I’ll waste some time, and work on that concept again, but for now there’s just 1 playlist, and that’s it.

I should waste some time on it again some time. Until then … xphpMUR does most of the basic things the old version does. All the users’ ratings are in 1 table instead of every user getting their own table. Seems to be working a little better.


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