Mar 17 2007

Rantings of a pissed off smoker

Category: Things That Get Me Mad,Your Rights - Dwindlingerm @ 2:43 am

Man it totally pisses me off …

Non-somkers are screaming “the children the children” meanwhile more and more rights are getting taken away. More and more smokers are getting treated like second class citizens.

What about the children? You don’t think about them when you’re driving your car to school. While your polluting the air we all breathe.

Your car 30 minutes in a garage with it running ___YOU’RE__DEAD___. Me 5 of my buddies smoking all night long in that same garage playing poker nope … no one dead. Hungover but not dead.

Some irresponsible parent takes their kid with asthma to a restaurant they allow smoking, and all of a sudden it’s the smoker’s fault!? There are non-smoking establishments. GO THERE, don’t expect the whole world to bow their knee to you, and just obey.

If my kid was that bad off I wouldn’t take them to any place that allowed smoking. Meanwhile people are getting raped outside of bars. All in the name of public health what about the victims health?? Kids aren’t allowed inside bars.

A business should be allowed to decide how they want to cater to their patrons. If you’re kid is that bad off go somewhere else. You have a choice. Instead of ruining democracy, and making this the united states of arians.

Now smokers have no choice, we get to go outside like dogs. I’m pretty sure next we’ll be forced to use special water fountains because we stink and sit at the back of the bus.

I know it’s a bad analogy, because black people can’t quit being black, but a smoker can quit … or so a typical non-smoker will lead you to believe. Mr. X quit smoking why can’t you??? Maybe because I can’t think? “Oh I’ve heard that excuse before” says the non-smoker. Someone who has never smoked a day in their life.

Even people who quit smoking years ago have no clue what it’s like now. I mean we’re being treated like second class citizens now. Even drunks who can *kill* an entire family in 1 night have a place they can go, They can socialize.

It’s a bunch of BS.

I know people who have died from smoking. I know people who have died from drunk driving.

The ones that are saddest are the ones that die from drunk driving. She wasn’t even 18 when drinking and driving claimed her life.

Another case a friend of mine died on her wedding night … she went to puke and it got stuck in her lungs.

I know 1 smoker who died from lung cancer.

So far in my life it’s a 2-to-1 ratio. The neighbor kid across the street got molested … and that guy drank.

My point is something like drinking is sanctioned, we have places we can go to do it.

Not for the smoker. NOOOOO all they do is produce a little pollution in comparison to a 5-10 minute drive.

Now I feel like it’s almost my patriotic duty to keep smoking … I mean if I buckle to this one who’s next? Christians, gays, Mormons, blacks, whites, mexicans, inuit?

My sister felt like “we won” – a non smoking fascist – But she didn’t really.

Eventually they will come for you. You won’t be able to eat meat because it’s murder, or you won’t be able to practice your religion because it teaches “hate crimes.” Or you won’t be able to screw whoever you want. Or maybe even drink anything with caffeine, trans-fat.

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