Mar 22 2007

E-043 Vista – Arrogance & Stupidity

Are you thinking about upgrading to Vista?

E-043 Vista – Arrogance & Stupidity

I couldn’t believe it … I knew Vista was bad, but how bad?

Maybe Windows, and their logos – Why vista will pop like a bubble isn’t that far off …

Is 2007 the year that linux starts to dominate because of DRM infested software? The good news is M$ is about to get a much smaller market share.

Maybe M$ is about to go the way of the Amiga, and Atari ST. At the very least it looks like Vista is the new ME. An os that whoever owns will never freely admit they even owned it.

Truth is I would have bought a laptop recently, however it had Vista installed. I’m not an XP fan either. I’ve been running linux as my main OS for several years, we do have computers with XP installed, however the reason behind that is … it’s my wife’s computer. She really likes using Picture IT … a 7 year old copy. That does the simple task of updating a picture.

The truth about the OS is if you get people using it at work, they’ll use it at home. When the price is right $free$ you’ll get more and more people converting.

The only thing stopping linux from taking off is games … there are not enough high quality games for linux out there.

Well enough blathering take a look at that article.

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