Jul 20 2007

How to get zork I, zork II, and zork III running in linux

Well your first step is to download the files.
Infocom – Zork Downloads you’ll then need to download zork1.zip, zork2.zip or zork3.zip from that page.  – Just click the titles to download. –
After that you’re going to need to install a Z-Machine.

They designed a special programming language, which through an emulator could run on any computer and called it “Z-Machine.” It was a “virtual processor,” which ran on the newly compiled “ZIL,” “Zork Implementation Language” while every home computer got its own “ZIP,” “Z-Machine Interpreter Program,” that could interpretate the Z-Machine code for it.

Here is a little history on what a Z-Machine is.

Ubuntu linux is pretty cool, all you need to do is apt-get your z-machine.
$ sudo apt-get install frotz

Once that is done, the final step is to unzip zork 1, zork 2, or zork 3. Depending on what you wish to play.

$ frotz DATA/ZORK1.DAT

And poof you’re playing zork 1.

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  1. erm says:

    Apparently you need to go to http://www.infocom-if.org/downloads/downloads.html then find zork1 zork2 zork3. They apparently did something to disable hot-linking … oops my bad. I’ll edit the post, and fix the links. Hot-linking is a big no-no, and I just wasn’t thinking.

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