Aug 09 2007

Smoking helped me teach my kid the ABCs

Now before you get all pissed of because I’m smoking around my kid you gotta understand

I go to the garage to smoke. He follows me, and if you’re a parent you can understand my plight. If you’re a anti-smoking freak please understand I tried to distance him from the second hand smoke, he follows me. It’s not like a have a cigarette hanging from my mouth when we’re drawing the ABC’s. In fact while we’re practicing them I’m not smoking. It’s after the fact.

At any rate can’t stop him from following me so we started a game, Steph thinks it was his idea, chances are it was. We had some sidewalk chalk and we started practicing our ABCs.

I am pleased to say that today my son wrote the whole alphabet with me. All the way from Z,A-Y.

I almost had him do Z twice so I could say A-Z but it didn’t work out quite right.

I started with Z because I wanted to practice it before we set out on the monumental task of writing the whole alphabet. We hadn’t practiced Z a whole lot.

Chances are if I didn’t smoke, I never would have spent the time teaching him. Mostly because I’d be on this box obsessing about my rights being taken away, and the Real ID act, and spam in my inbox.

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