Aug 21 2007

YouTube – Nanotech Assembler

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YouTube – Nanotech Assembler
I rent a lot of videos legally, and I’m constantly getting bombarded with “you wouldn’t steal a ____”

But I would make it myself it was cheaper than what you were selling it for.

Chances are in the future — if the world lasts that long — every manufacturer on the planet is going to have to take a good long look at itself and realize it’s obsolete. They are going to realize that you can download your next computer, or your next meal.

What are we going to do for work? Is a chair going to become proprietary software?

If you bought 1 of these, chances are that’s all you would ever need, because you could build a bigger one, and then a bigger one, eventually you’d have created one big enough to create a car, or even a house.

Chances are this is right around the corner for us. Have fun making your next laptop for $1 while they try and sell you a laptop for $50.

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