Sep 04 2007


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I hate it. Hate it hate it!

Today I was working on some pretty simple code. Something a little like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
var pics = [];
pics[1234] = "path/to/1.jpg";
pics[1235] = "path/to/2.jpg";
function hide_small_pic(id) {
document.getElementById('small['+id+']').style.display= 'none';
var big_pic = document.getElementById('big['+id+']'); = 'block';
big_pic.innerHTML = "<a onClick='hide_big_pic("+id+");'><img src='"+pics[id]+" border='o'/>'</a>"
function hide_big_pic(id) {
document.getElementById('big['+id+']').style.display = 'block';
document.getElementById('big['+id+']').style.display = 'none';

Now it’s not that the code had an error, in fact IE had a problem with pics[id] – it shouldn’t – HOWEVER
the reason why IE totally sucks is it told me there was an error SEVERAL LINES above that.


If you’re going to say Error at line X it better be at LINE X.

If you saw a lot of water coming from under the kitchen sink, and you could tell the problem was coming from under the kitchen sink, and you even opened up the cupboard to see water coming gushing from the pipes. If your plumber showed up, and told you the problem was in your bedroom. You’d better find a new plumber because that person obviously doesn’t know what they are doing. Case in point. IE6.

Get Firefox

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