Sep 06 2007

Smoking for 93 years and celebrated 100 years’ birthday

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Smoking for 93 years and celebrated 100 years’ birthday

Is it possible all the propaganda that the American heart/lung/ears/eyes/throat/medical Associations about cancer, and heart disease just doesn’t add up?

There she is 100 years old.

Leaning over her birthday cake to light a cigarette at 100 being an anomaly.

Maybe just maybe cancer is caused by air fresheners, and diet. Maybe car exhaust, or living too close electricity causes too many problems.

Maybe she was *really* obedient as a child, and honored her father and mother …..

I could probably spend a day just sitting there and talking to her to figure out where she lived, how close factories were, what she ate.

It’s clear to me that something is very special about her if she can abuse her body for that long.

What if getting sick is all mental? If you don’t think it’s going to give you cancer … oh well have fun, maybe we’ll figure it out later.

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