Oct 10 2007

Daily Kos: Five Hours

Daily Kos: Five Hours

This is just plane stupid.

The United States government isn’t concerned about our security. I’m betting $100 that the email wasn’t even encrypted. So anyone who had a packet sniffer could get it.

It seems to me that it’s all about keeping America in fear. It’s a bunch of BS.

It’s all about tagging and monitoring America. NOT protecting the country. If they were really worried about our country, and it’s security they wouldn’t have even send the dang email to the press until AFTER everything went down.

Maybe I’m reading the situation wrong, this is all pure speculation.

The problem isn’t even that it’s not even a branch of the US.

This it’s a “small private intelligence company.” ARRGGHH

How many people are in a “small private intelligence company?”
To me it all depends on the context. Small on a “local” or “city” level would be < 5. County would be < 10. Small on a "state" level would be < 25-50. Small on a national level < 100. Finally small on an international level could very well be < 500-1000. Why were they using "small private intelligence company?" I'll tell you why ... what they were doing was totally illegal for the US Government according to some treaty. So even hiring these people should have been against the law. The company they hired should loose it's contract because it's just inexcusable, and I don't think the US should be outsourcing when it comes to surveillance of potential threats. ARGH!

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