Oct 14

Acceptable Use of Torture in the USA [Gwinnett County, Georgia]

Acceptable Use of Torture in the USA [Gwinnett County, Georgia]
It’s not what you see now, it’s what happened before.

Police are not doctors. As I see it the police attempted to practice medicine without a license.

Of course in the heat of the moment, “He hurt one of our own.” I can see how the thugs we call police could get mad.

Let’s be honest gangs/police are pretty much the same in that respect. You hurt one of them, they are going to come after you even harder than before. Even if it was a minor infraction.

I just don’t know. It’s not like I’ve been on any domestic disturbance calls. So there’s no way of telling what’s going on.

All I see is another black man, getting the crap beat out of him. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have been tazed 5 times inside of a minute if he were white.

I guess if you’re a police man, you need to listen to what both the wife, and pastor say. Here’s his medication.

I have migraines from time to time … some times it’s once a month, then poof it’s 6-months to a year I don’t have one. I think a lot of it for me has to do with diet & sleep, and perhaps a pinched nerve.

Sometimes when I have a really bad one, I can’t tell you the name of things, I know what they are, what they are used for, but I just can’t put a word to what it is. I feel sorry for anyone who has Alzheimer, because I honestly think it feels a little like that.

The point is what if some time the police show up when I’m having one of those, and I just can’t communicate. I’m crying out for help, and they are tazing me.

I believe this could have been totally avoided if one thing would have happened … the police listened.

Sadly to say in that situation the police were more concerned about being in control of the situation, and not taking the guy to the ER.

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