Nov 05 2007

Daylight savings

Category: Makes you think ...,Weirderm @ 6:16 am

Once again it’s time time to change your clocks.

It’s stupid. We’d save a lot of time, and frustration if we just said screw it.
Seriously can you give me 1 good reason to have “daylight savings.”

When I lived in a rural area they said it was so the “city folk” could get to the golf courses 1 hour earlier, and when I lived in the city the city they claim it’s so the farmers can get to the fields earlier.

I’ll tell you why we do it … idiots.

We could just set our clocks forward 30 minutes this spring, and forget about it. Ya we’d be 30 minutes off compared to the “rest of the world”, but we’d be *on time with the planet.

Just think about it, and write your congressman.

The ONLY sane reason you want daylight savings is to remind yourself to change the batteries in your smoke alarms.

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