Oct 05 2005

Ilo DVDR05MU uprgrading the firmware

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I have a DVDR05MU. (check your case) This is not for a DVDR05ZU.
So last night I upgraded the firmware in my ilo dvdr05MU.

If YOU do this YOU did it not me YOU decided that it was a good idea, YOU followed the instructions on this page, and if YOUR machine is broken because YOU did this YOU broke it. I’m not liable in any way shape or form for YOU doing this. I don’t recommend doing this. It voids your warranty.

I’m going to repeat this line about 100 times. Just so ‘scanners’ pick it up.

I have a ilo DVDR05MU (NOT ZU)

I’ll run thru the things I did for the paranoid out there.

First thing you’ll need to do is go here:

Please notice the fine print:
This website is for the iLO DVDR05 DVD recorder only.
If you need support for the iLO DVDR04 please visit http://www.ILOHELP.com

From there I went to this page.

Chose DVDR05MU cause that’s what I have.

Then I went to Downloads & Updates

This page is odd, and obviously the person who prepared the .nrg files is an idiot because those are not .nrg files they are .iso files. I don’t have nero, so I ran it thru a nrg2iso (linux only to my knowledge) and it told me that it was in fact an iso image.

Opened up K3B, and burned the 2 disk images I just downloaded.

DVDR05ZU_Loader_105N.nrg – Front End
and DVDR05MU_489.nrg – Back end

This is where I got paranoid. Notice the ZU at the end of the one file. I didn’t use it. I burnt it, just didn’t pop the disk in.

From here I took a deep breath. I knew that this might not work. I could break this unit – didn’t really care it was new enough I could just take it back to wal-mart. – It wasn’t working quite like I it should.

DISCLAIMER: Do not update your recorder / player’s firmware unless instructed to do so by an authorized iLO technical or customer service representative.

I am not a authorized iLO technical or customer service representative. Doing this will void your warranty.

Doing this WILL void your warranty.
So I popped in the CD I just burnt with the DVDR05MU_489.nrg – Back end image. A dialog popped up, and said something along the lines do you want to upgrade the firmware? Don’t click ok, it’ll void your warranty. If you click ok like I did, then you accept full legal ramifications, and responsibility for your actions.

BTW. This is for a ilo DVDR05MU not a DVDR05ZU (check your case), and it also voids your warranty if you’re not instructed to do it by “an authorized iLO technical or customer service representative.”

So I clicked ok, held my breath and waited … watched a % dialog come up, and watched to go by. Then the unit sort of turned off – as near as I could tell – just displaying UPGRADE – or maybe it was UPRADING – on the front. So I waited, and waited. -crap did I just break it? After about 5 min I said screw it. Pulled the power cord on the back, and amazingly it worked.

I didn’t feel comfortable putting the image with ZU Frontend in the unit at all, and still haven’t – and due to the performance of the unit now I’m more happy with it. If you did, tell me what happend I’d be more than interested in hearing about it.

Doing this ‘fixed’:
My DVD+R didn’t seem as stupid as it used to be. I did quite a few tests of recording back to back shows that ran a minute or more on various channels. The usual ‘insert recordable disk’ didn’t pop up when running shows a little to close, and I was pleased with my purchase.

The quality of SEP seems to have improved as well. It looked much worse before I did this. Now it actually has about the same Quality of my VCR at EP/SLP.

While your results may vary, and I don’t recommend you doing this unless you are talking to someone who is an “an authorized iLO technical or customer service representative,” and they instruct you to do so.

It’s pretty easy, and once again I did NOT use the ZU disk image at all. I have a DVDR05MU. (check your case)

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  1. erm says:

    Do you have a ZU or an MU?

  2. bjack43 says:

    Check out this page for Cyberhome 1600


    Seems like exactly what to do with the DVDRO5MU.

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