Nov 24

The problems with the internet and blogs

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I love the internet, and there’s nothing like a good blog either.

I find myself getting angry on a daily basis.

it always seems like microsoft, riaa, mpaa, sco, government, some crazy parent, or some crazy kid is pissing me off.

So you read some blog, next thing you know you’re pissed. What do you do … post a comment.

Now back in the old days their was no blog comment. If you heard your government was going to do something stupid you couldn’t do much about it. You could either talk about it at the bar, or on the phone or whatever. “Letters to the editor.” comes to mind.

However in this pre-digital world it seemed like we had so much more freedom being stupid. We were so uninformed as a society, shoot as a planet.

Now we’ve got the blog, and a chance to comment. You can harass your Congressman within minutes of learning about it. You can even get on mailing lists that will send you stuff that pisses you off that the government is trying to pass.

With good reason too, these bozos don’t really read their 300 page laws that are so hard to understand that I bet the author doesn’t quite get it.

Maybe we should make them pass a law that if your average High School graduate can’t read the bill, and understand the terms, it doesn’t get passed 🙂 Naa then we wouldn’t get any laws passed.

Back to my point… in most cases when you an article you do nothing, maybe post a comment. So perhaps it would be in your best interest to do something about it.

I would venture to guess that in most cases you just post the comment, and forget about contacting your state legislatures.

So do something about it. In all seriousness I think that their are 2 wheels that they choose from. It’s either the squeakiest wheel, or the golden wheel that gets the grease. If no one is complaining too loud, it’s always the golden wheel, even if it causes the other wheels to seize.

These campaigns take money, and if you don’t have it, you need to squeak, and squeak to your friends about it 🙂

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