Nov 30 2007

Magazine Ad vs Web Ad

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tandy 1000

Magazines, shoot newspaper ads are becoming a thing of the past.

What are we going to do in 15-20 years for stupid ads on the net? I’m sure you’ve seen them $8500 for a tandy 1000.

2 Meg of ram oooo it was amazing back then to even consider that kind of machine. You could probably buy this machine for less than $100 today … shoot $10 if you go to the right garage sale/flea market.

What are we going to do in the future for stupid ads?

This brings up a why I think a magazine/newspaper article might actually be a little bit better investment for advertising.

First off if you put your article on a printed page 10, 20, 30 years from now it’s still there. It’s still saying something about your company.

You don’t get that for a site. Nope, it’s always a different ad. Usually ads don’t get my attention for a millisecond. I can’t remember the last time I even read an ad. I pay attention to the content, and only the content.

Ads on the computer aren’t as thought out as ads in magazines. Get a few colors, and no real story. Full page ads, they said something. They were about something, and the full page ads we see on the net rarely have no content, and too many words to even read.

Web ads are like all the used care salesman ads you see on tv. They scream at you, and don’t really give you much.

I didn’t de-test looking at magazine ads. In fact I remember actually reading magazine ads. Now-a-days with web ads in some cases they are forced on you via pop ups. I detest pop ups, and I really don’t think using an absolute positioned div via css for an ad is a smart move either.

Personally I think that having an ad for a blog post isn’t a bad idea at all. Yet some people think it’s not that cool. I figure shoot, if it’s an honest blog about a device, then let it be. In my mind it’s much less intrusive than forcing your visitor to see an ad before they view the content. You find out about the product, people get paid. Yet at the same time it kinda makes a tech site that would review the latest gadgets look less credible.

My main point is that Magazine ads were, and are the way to go for a long term investment.

Perhaps some sites out there might be willing to start puting up permanent ads, I doubt it. But it seems like a neat idea.

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