Dec 24

Pay too much and you could raise the alarm

Pay too much and you could raise the alarm
This is just insane. Apparently now you can be considered a terrorist if you pay too much on your credit card bill.

This sucks because we were planning on playing a big amount off on one of our debts when we get a refund this next year.

When is paying off a debt going to make you a terrorist? I would think if you were funding a terrorist operation you would pay cash.

I guess being responsible and paying your bills off isn’t “American.”

Next thing you know if you buy gold you’re going to be considered a terrorist, and not someone who is just trying to get prepared for the future in the event all your assets are frozen because you “might” be a terrorist.

We shouldn’t be under such scrutiny.  Paying a bill off is so freaking harmless.  I’m not scared of Terrorists.  I’m more scared of the government looking for terrorists

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