Apr 28 2008

Ultimate Spiderman

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I’m bummed.  I got into this game after having it sit on the shelf for over a year.  It was fun, I was web slinging all over the place, and got pretty good at it.  There’s nothing quite like swinging from building to building.  Doing things that in real life, well you’d be dead in 5 seconds flat.

Unfortunately my fun was short lived.

I got to the level where venom fights the electrical dude, and it froze … arg …

Played it quite a few times, and it kept freezing.  Maybe the ps2 is getting hot, or it’s like Beyond Good and Evil where it works better on an older ps2.

So I hooked up my son’s ps2 that I got him for his birth day.

Alas same thing happened it froze during that battle.

Maybe it’s getting hot, so I put it on it’s side, and pointed a fan at the bottom.  Froze again.

Argh … I just want to beat the level, and go on.  Well maybe it’s the disk. Halle isn’t exactly good at taking care of dvd’s cds, and video games.

So maybe it’s the disk.  I went to the pawn shop and bought one, loaded my saved game, and unfortunatly the battle froze again.

I don’t know what to do.  I’m pretty sure it’s not a hardware issue considering I’ve played it on 2 different machines, with the outcome being the same.  I even turned on the game shark, and attempted to beat him that way.  Nothing nadda still freezes.

I can’t come up with any other ideas at this time.  Maybe if I put the ps2 in the freezer for 30 minutes before I played it won’t freeze, and I’ll get past that level.

Its almost like I’ve beaten the boss, but the next level doesn’t load.

If anyone else out there has had this problem it’d be nice to know, and possibly we can discover the solution together.

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  1. erm says:

    In the solution was in how to fight.

    First I had to break all the signs with venom. Then from there the bad guy was powerless to recharge. Poof no more game lockup, and I passed the level fairly easy.

    Good game.

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