Jun 17

Sick of the m$ tax

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Today I went to dell.com.  I saw a laptop at walmart for around $500, and I was curious if I could purchase it with ubuntu on it.

I’m really getting sick of the M$ tax.  I know what I want in an OS, and windows isn’t it.  I like knowing everyone out there can look at the source of the application you’re using.  I figure more eyes more of a chance that serious bugs are going to be caught.

I like being able to “sudo apt-get install <package>” and have it install.

I like being able to “sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade” and poof everything is up to date.

The best part $0.  I think people are coding because they love to code, and thus, the code is made out of love, kinda like a home cooked meal vs some fast food hamburger.  It just tastes different, and the missing ingredient is love.

I like knowing that some multi-billion-dollar cooperation hasn’t installed a back-door in my os at the request of the NSA, not that I have anything of any value.

I like knowing that millions of lines of code haven’t been written in the name of DRM.  I bought it, let me do what I want with it.

I wouldn’t buy a car with the hood locked shut, and I’m not going to buy media that is that way either.

I wouldn’t buy a cd with a padlock on the case that required some big burly guy to follow me around to unlock it, who I’d be responsible for feeding, clothing, and whatever else the guy needed.  Essentially this is exactly what DRM is.  You’re giving CPU cycles and disk space to this big bouncer guy for permission to use something you purchased.  Since you have to take this guy EVERYWHERE with you it slows a lot of things down.  You’re never alone, and you’re expected to have him stand there and watch you pee.

The only use I see for windows is games, and guess what happens to gaming boxes.  They die.  Happened with the C-64, and Amiga, and probably will happen with windows.

Ok I take that back there’s also net-flix, but maybe I’ll find a way around that one and be able to view it all in linux.  It’s not like I want to capture the video, just watch it.  There is that $100 box … maybe some day I’ll get that.

Well that’s it for my once a month post.

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