Oct 16 2005

phpMUR ready for some testing.

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I’ve been working on phpMUR the successor to rphpMMS.

Some of the things the phpMUR has compared to rphpMMS is a full template system … well sorta.

I’m using a template system a little like Word Press I liked the database interface enough that I borrowed it from them. So anything for $wpdb can be called via $phpMUR.

Some of the things the new version will include is a nice all in one class that will handle permissions. So if you have a web page, or blog and would like to create a plugin phpMUR’s class will enable you to create one effortlessly.

There will be a template system, so you can make your own layout easily.

The database has been completely reorganized. So each user has their own table.

If you are bored, check it out phpMUR2

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