Dec 16

There’s plenty of free music.

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There are millions of songs on the web available for free. With no threat of getting sued.

is one such site where you have no worries of the big bad bully riaa coming and stealing your lunch money.

Here are some 100% certified not gonna getcha artists:

More links:

I just gave you more music than you know what to do with in 6 links.

Granted I’m not going to promise you that 100% of it is good, however I can say you’ll be making the artist happy when you download their music. You wont be hurting their feelings 1 bit, and as long as you’re not doing something stupid like putting the songs on a web page I don’t see any copywrite issues coming up.

In fact to be honest when I go music mining I end up skipping a lot of music just because it’s not my style. There are however once in a great while good songs, fun songs, songs that you rate a 10, and keep listening over and over. Those are rare finds. Finds you’re happy about. It’s like you have a little secret that no one else knows about.


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