Dec 23 2005

Algorithm changes

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Last few days I did a few things with the project.

First I added a ‘last ## artists’ or ‘last ## songs’ to the choosing algorithm. Both the web and the bin. Also I updated the cue_cued function so it would cue songs that where cued, and if you didn’t have any, it would choose a song for you via the normal algorithm.

I added a uncue to the search page. It also displays *cued* now if it’s cued for the user. It doesn’t do show anything if you can’t uncue it. IE you’re a normal user, and someone else cued it. Admin obviously can do whatever.

I also added stats, and a new api hook. fetch_on_rating_change() I really need to update the hook system for the misc/phpMUR.classphp for websites. It’s hook system isn’t nearly as good as the one I have in the class/playlist.class.php.

I’ve been doing various testing. I have successfully ran the program, and the web page upstairs, and had the database run downstairs. Maybe 1 day I’ll install ices up here, and stream to downstairs. The thing is you just can’t overload your cpu too much with encoding and serving the audio at the same time.

I’ve really gotta get rid of all these old files. I have so much in there that just isn’t needed anymore. Quite a few ‘plugins’ when I was running smarty. I just don’t see the use in running smarty. I don’t think I’ll ever use a template system again. It seems kinda dumb considering php is pretty much a template system, and if you learn smarty all you have is smarty. If you learn php, well you can do some serious stuff with that, and php is much more impressive than smarty on a resume.

Well enough of talk about that. Time to get some sleep.


phpMUR testing site

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