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Slyck News – Slyck Interviews the MPAA

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“One way to look at this issue is through an analogy. At present, when you purchase a car there is computer technology in the car that keeps track of your average speed, but that technology is accepted and is viewed as net value add. However, if that technology were to automatically report the fact that you speed to the authorities then people’s perspective would change. DRM is the same. The technology is a part of a balance that is struck with the consumer. The creative community distributes high quality digital content and the consumers accept that they can’t randomly and wantonly redistribute that high quality digital content. As a part of that bargain, we have to make sure that we do not take advantage of consumers and ensure that we continuously listen to their feedback.”

My 2 cents: No DRM is not the same. DRM is a paddlelock on your hood so you can’t fix things when they break. IE a backup!

Slyck News – Slyck Interviews the MPAA

Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually more on the MPAA’s side than the RIAA. I know what it takes to put out an album vs a movie.

A movie, a good movie with all the bells and whistles isn’t a < $2,000 investment - including equipment. Ya I could do an album with $2,000. Granted it wouldn't be a major hit, but I could buy a computer, guitar, bass, effects pedal, keyboard, and a drum machine and prodcue/record an album from ground 0, and because I have a fairly good idea of how to record it could be done with a pressing/stamping of say 100 or so CD. - It's been a while since I checked. - However I'm on the net, and I could just release an iso for free to anyone and everyone in the world. Now a DVD ... that's a whole nother ball of wax. 1 Camera Costs $1,000 for a half way decent one and I haven't even bought a computer for $500 to edit with. Not to mention someone to run the camera, lighting, script, story board, costumes, props, soundtrack. To put out a film is a lot more detailed than a CD will ever be. You've got to be on top of your game to do anything of any value. A CD, you just need 2 things. #1 a decent composer/player #2 A decent recorder. Oh and instruments, but that's a given. I would *really* love to get into film. When I did my 1 school project it was a blast. The most fun I've had making anything. I really enjoyed the editing - while poorly done - it was cool to take a scene where we busted up laughing 1 second after I cut. Maybe I should write a script. I have an idea....

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