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How to make a wormhole/destroy the universe

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This is all fictional:

My friend it is with a hard heart I tell you this.

I know the secrets behind creating a worm hole. It’s relatively easy. Yet I can’t tell you if it’s based on cartoon physics or if it’s a valid idea.

I have reason to believe that at one point in time I was visited from a time traveler. The only reason I think he was a time traveler was an odd comment he made to me. “I would just love to sit down with you and get into your mind.”

I didn’t think much of the comment, or if it had any weight. Until I comprised these theories on how to create a worm hole.

Once again … it could just be cartoon physics.

This in theory is easy enough. You need 2 electromagnets.

Both of them shaped much like the portals from Stargate – see why I wonder if it’s just a cartoon theory.

After you have set up your ‘hoops’ you need to calibrate them.
This could be difficult, because you’ll need to also align your particle accelerators as well.

The problem here is you have 2 particle accelerators pointed right at each other. -> OO < –
I however have not explained to you *how* to calibrate the magnetic field

So you have these 2 hoops. || or O 8.

It’s hard to explain. in ascii.

You need a ball bearing. This is where it gets tough. Since you have these 2 hoops next to each other your goal is to get that ball bearing to float exactly in the middle, and just spin. This would be done by changing the power to the various regions of your hoops.

Once this is done the proper calibration for the electromagnetic field is ready.

You need these 2 magnets to be really strong. They are going to be holding open the rip in space and time you’re about to create.

So looking at it (o) in simplest form that’s what it would look like. Granted you’re ballbearing would be much smaller … about the size of a bowling ball for a 10 ft high loop. I’m trying to deiced if a hollow ball is a good idea or not. I just keep thinking wtf is going to happen if we do this.

I mean we have this ball hovering in air, pull it out point 2 particle accelerators at each other and HOPE TO GOD it goes right.

-> || < – The thing is we *need* those things to be aligned perfectly. If they aren’t you’re going to have an atom flying really fast to who knows where and you just might accidental have a nuclear explotion.

Granted I’ve never thrown 2 atoms together like this … the goal is to rip space and time here, then keep it open with gravity – the magnets –

So after everything is aligned, throw your switch, and pray.

The good news if you did it right you’ve made a worm hole. The bad news is you might have destroyed a small universe to do it.

I did mention you have to have the ball hovering right? Spinning … basically a null space as far as gravity is concerned.

You would be ahead to conduct this experiment off the planet. Because if you goof up, you’re going to have problems. Not to mention fallout.

Why this is so dangerous.

#1. You’re throwing 2 atoms at high velocity at each other to create the rip.
#2. If your magnetic field isn’t done properly then you have the chance of the worm hole imploding on itself thus creating a black hole. Black holes are a pesky side effect to improperly calibrated collisions. So just to be safe, you’ll want to be a couple of light years away. You just can’t do that here and now.

OK so you have this thing. Now what?!

Well that’s the hard part. So you have a worm hole, but how the flying flip do I get it to work … well you don’t.

Here’s the bad part about it. You have the hole, just no way of really using it since the magnets that are together are so close that more than likely they are stuck to each other. 🙂

Naw I’m kiddin you. When you created the rip you also created a sort of … it’s hard to explain. The laws of magnetism just don’t work quite the same between the 2 magnets. So you can just move them to point a and b. The good news is it also shouldn’t effect metal when you walk thru … don’t ask me I don’t know. I just know this is how it’s suppose to work. If you can’t walk thru the worm hole with metal objects, then you have a problem.

You have 2 choices.

#1 Run
#2 turn it off, and run.

We recommend turning it off first.

Surprisingly a trip thru your new worm hole is much like walking from 1 side of the room to the other. You don’t get a view of any stars … that’s Hollywood hype.

On to the next subject … expansion.

It would be nice if you added half oh your worm hole to the collective worm hole matrix. The beginning system will be like an old rotary telephone system. Granted it takes a lot of hardware to move millions of these things so when you walk thru your wormhole to another, but it’s still better than just 1 point A and 1 point B.

It is very very very very very important NEVER EVER UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU TRANSPORT AN ACTIVE WORM HOLE THRU ANOTHER ACTIVE WORMHOLE. If there were a power failure, and your wormhole closed you would essentially cut space and time. This could destroy the universe. While in some universes we feel this might be a good thing, in ours we would like to keep it in 1 piece. When we say ‘active’ we are referring to a stable worm hole. See this is why I seriously wonder if I should tell you how to do this.

Other fun uses.

We’re toying with the idea of worm hole wire cutters.

You would have 2 smaller units, then raise/lower the power to cut.

Actually it could cut just about anything right down to the atom. We just like the idea of promoting wire cutters. Not finger removers.

I hope you and your preschooler have fun setting up your very own wormhole. Please play safe. Oh and stay clear of earth … they are weird

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